DJ Rush

Please welcome Dj Rush!

" Wacky, Off the wall, amusing, entertaining and BIZZARE CHARACTOR.... Yes thats me......... Isaiah Major Know As..... Major Rush aka Dj. Rush, Russian Roulette...... It's rare to find a DJ in these days so amusing and entertaining. The number 5 must be the big mans lucky number, because after 5 strong years of great success, rush still put smiles on many faces around europe, from East to west, North to South.

Thoughout my Career, i've heard many people say, Hard energy will never last and this style is just a hype with no feelings..... Ha Ha Ha BUT THEN THERE'S RUSH.. Stomping through Club Land, entertaining people with his crazy way of life and diverse styles of music, from Hard Energy, Disco, house, 60's to whatever makes him feel good, turning all this into one big melting pot of Hard dance. Rush has Conquered so many areas during his career, from Small to big clubs, many festivals, such as SMS, NATURE ONE, SUMMER SAFARI, MONEGROS and AWAKENINGS just to name a few, to having his own festival MYSTERY WONDERLAND with his manager Tina and friends. So what else can the big man do, he has open doors for many new artist and showed the world that Hard Energy can also be entertaining, (when in the right dj's hands) YEAH I SAID IT DAMNIT....

To some people, Rush is a star on stage, entertainer, mind blowing killing Machine, speaker beater, bass cranker, but deep down inside The Major is a NORMAL person just like the people who attends his event, thats why he sings and make songs that appeals to everyday life, Songs that people can sing to, dance to laugh along with, such as I love you, Mutha fucking bass, freaks on Hubbard, Get on up, Bass Control and many others... Many producers love to Hate the Big man, but what they need to understand Rush has open doors for their music to be heard all over the world and much respect should be giving... YEAH I SAID IT DAMNIT.. Many artist and producer's grow up in this business in different ways. Some suffer from failure (because of searching fame, money, or being the top number 1 Entertainer), while Rush continue to grow, because of keeping a Straight mind, focusing on enjoying what makes him happy and just keeping it real and natural. If you happen to make money, while doing what you love, then make the money, but don't let it make you.. If you score fame from what you love, then keep it real and respect others, if you become on top (the number 1 entertainer) remember where you come from and how you got there. All this in mind what brought Rush to help other artist to reach their goal. To name a few Paul Langely, Pet Duo, Dj Bold, and many others who had produce on the Major's lable Kne' Deep rec. or work the decks along side him.. Rush also interlock his fans minds with a FRIGHTENING, CHILLING, BRUTALLY, and INTENSE live act, No holds bars, (that means 100% live, no pre- recorded act on a lap top, dat, ect...) he's on stage with a load of machines, a mic, disturbing outfit for your eyes, and a back drop full of beautiful dancers.. From his birth place Chicago to, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, Czech, Hungary, Japan, UK, and many more He has stomped his way into their world and once there, Nothing and I mean nothing is ever the same.

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