Brothers from other mothers since their school days, Damien, Clement and Jaw spent years
working in the world of hip hop in their native Paris before being swept into the world of Circus
Company, one of the great bastions of unconventional house and techno in France.

A whirlwind of releases and live performances ensued, landing their captivating songwriting and
infectious grooves on labels such as Milnor Modern, Orac, Eklo, Supplement Facts and
Watergate amongst many others. However it was Circus Company that remained their home
turf, the perfect place to release their debut album Greatest Hits in 2010.

The continued rise in reputation of dOP was undoubtedly linked to their live performances as
well. Damien’s captivating melodies and Clement’s kinetic percussion held down the structure
while Jaw continued to melt the hearts and minds of his audience as the quintessential
frontman; humble and self-assured in equal measure. While their touring has continued to take
them far and wide, the trio established a studio base above the infamous Salon Wilden Renate
in Berlin, making it something of a spiritual home.

While they may be firmly entrenched in the nocturnal headspin of the club world, the trio’s
classical training has also taken their music beyond the dance and into some surprising places.
In 2014 they were invited by the Tonhalle Orchestra of Zurich to take part in the tonhalleLATE
series, composing their own version of famous tone poem “Till Eulenspiegel’s Merry Pranks” to
be performed alongside nine soloists from the world famous orchestra.

Outside of dOP, there has also been time for Jaw to release a mammoth 24-track mixtape
entitled Midtown, featuring collaborations with artists both famous and unheard of encountered
on his travels. Equally the boys have another fully fledged project, Les Fils Du Calvaire, which
focuses on more traditional songwriting with a seductive, noirish synth pop finish. If you have
enjoyed the music of Aquarius Heaven in recent years, then you have no doubt been enjoying
the dOP production work behind it as well.

Damien, Clement and JAW continue to develop their craft, incorporating more analogue
equipment into their live performances which in turn feeds back into their studio work, resulting
in continued remixes, collaborations and appearances on respected labels. Whether they are
under the spotlight or waiting in the wings, shifting the scenery or conducting the chorus, the
dOP performance is a play that never ends, every act leaving you anticipating the next.

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