Du Art

With a strong 3 deck set Du’Art spreads magic on the dance floors where he plays.
He has played with the best international artists and his value was recognized when he was interviewed for the Dj Rush official web page http://www.djrush.net/ After being part of some promoters who helped him grow as a Dj, he decided to create his own. “Urban Beats”, which these days is one of the best up and coming techno companies in Portugal, especially in Lisbon, his home town.
Pet Duo, Frank Kvitta, Misa Salacova, Boris S, TRB and Pepo among others are a few names brought in by Urban Beats to play in Lisbon.
“I have my eye on a Portuguese artist who is simply amazing, his
name is Du’Art I just love his work and his person, he is just
amazing and full of energy, the scene needs him also. “
Said Dj Rush in a recent interview for Livesets.com.

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