E.D.G.E. equals: Synergy, two or more things functioning together to produce a result not independently obtainable. That is, if elements A and B are combined, the result is greater than the expected arithmetic sum of A+B.
Not to mention their past at all though, may fall E.D.G.E. short.
Element A: ZIX
Zix started to free his musical mind as an accomplished drummer, establishing the love of rhythm and sound that would later be reflected in his productions and DJ sets. Zix started his DJ career in the summer of 1999, and immediately established a reputation for igniting the dance floor with his high energy sets. In 2004, he joined the renowned Dommelvallei organisation as the first resident DJ and firmly established his relevance in the underground dance culture of the Netherlands. Zix has truly created a sound of his own. Personal, unique, and full of emotion.
Element B: Rick Angel
Rick Angel started as early as 1992, joining the infamous Zodiak Commune in 1996. The Zodiak Commune has been held responsible for the second wave of the acid-parties and scene in Holland and runs a record label called Zodiak Commune Records. The parties are held at clubs, festivals, squad locations, tunnels and street raves. The music Rick plays varies from warming-up, spaced-out, to pumping party-style techno and acid, until the deeper, more intense, techno and acid but always keeping the right atmosphere in mind.
The Result:
An intense balancing act of pure non compromising techno, deep grooves and a touch of underground nastiness without scaring off the ladies.

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