Efdé's passion for house music started in 1992 when is parents bought him a techno cd. From that moment on he was hooked and was listening to house almost every moment of the day. Soon he got interested in how house music was produced. Being only twelve years of age and not having a lot of money he tried to make his own tracks using two old tape decks and his fathers

cd player which had a loop function. A few years and a lot of broken

equipment later he got his first atari computer. That's when he started

being serious serious about making music. Meanwhile he also started DJing using two old turntables and a mixer he "borrowed" from a friend. All this resulted in Efdé being a well known DJ and producer in the Amsterdam scene. Under his former alias "Drrie" he released a track together with "Unders" which appeared on the latest Karottes Kitchen compilation and was played by al the big names. Besides that he played big events like Circoloco Amsterdam and underground Amsterdam clubs like Studio 80. Under his new moniker Efdé he has some releases planned for 2010 on labels like Piekup and Blabla.

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