Electric Indigo

Electric Indigo Electric Indigo is the DJ-update of the man-machine music-idea: the combination of human funkyness and a non-stop running 808: Electric Indigo kicked dancefloors in 27 countries and 125 cities in europe and north-america, she worked as a radio-dj, music-producer and recordshop-manager. Like nearly no other dj Electric Indigo constantly represents an intelligent & and abstract techno-ideal. Electric Indigo started her dj-career 1989 in Vienna with Jazz and Funksets, but soon the Detroit and Chicago techno-sound became her style. This brought her to the famous Hard Wax record-store in Berlin. In this central instituion of the world-wide techno-network Electric Indigo was responsible for purchase and communication from 1993 till 1996, then she moved back to Vienna, where she built up her own studio. 1998 she started her new project indigo:inc., which is a server for extended party experiences and other multi-mediaevents. From May 99 until the end of February 2000 she worked for the alternative TV station TIV in Vienna. She hosted the two shows "indigo encounters" and "TIVIT". The first featured international guests from the music biz, who just played one of their favorite records and relax on plastic grass. The second was a weekly one hour information program about IT, software developments, technical innovations, open source, privacy and related civil rights.In May 2000 Electric Indigo has started to provide music and internet news for the austrian radio station FM4's web appearence. She was one of the lectors for the Red Bull Music Acadamy 2000 in Dublin/Ireland, talking about networking and use of the internet in the music biz. Electric Indigo - Six-Trak EP 2 Electric Indigo - Six-Trak EP 1 Electric Indigo / Acid Maria - Welttour Mix CD Electric Indigo - Leitmotiv Mix CD Electric Indigo - Tribute to Gazometer Mix CD Electric Indigo & David Carretta - I Want You U.S.A. - Electric Indigo Mix CD [Petra] Electric Indigo & David Carretta - Comin' at You Electric Indigo & David Carretta - Automat Electric Indigo - Hitchhiker Electric Indigo Mix Tape Electric Indigo & Walker - Golden Gate Bridge Electric Indigo & Walker - SP 12 Trax Electric Indigo & Richard Bartz - Wolkenkratzer Electric Indigo - Skyway More info: www.indigo-inc.at

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