In 1998, countless gigs and several studio collaborations later, they conquered some borrowed equipment and a Mac, which lead to severe addiction within short time!

Many releases and live gigs worldwide followed, under various project names like "Midimiliz", "Spirallianz" or "The Delta" and "Downhill" with Marcus Maichel – the way to 'Extrawelt'.
Once arrived, they released the highly successful single "Soopertrack" and "Zu Fuß" on James Holden's label Border Community in May 2005.

Some important dates:

1977 Elmshorn – Arne is born

1979 Hamburg – Wayan is born

1991 Arne freaks out to The Hypnotist's "Pioneers of the Warped Groove"

1991 Living in a rural area in the meantime, Wayan gets a tape of "Accident in Paradise" from Goa and is being laughed at by the pother children.

1992 1st Voov in Sprötze, 3 km from Kakenstorf and 70 km from Elmshorn

1992 First Ambient sets by Arne & Marco as Spiralkinda DJ Team

1994 Antaro says to Wayan during a party: "You spin now!" Faint-heated objections are ignored.
1996 Arne and Marco produce the X-Dream smash hit "Relax Vortex", together with Marcus and Jan and gain international attention.

1997 Delirium Records in Hamburg: Wayan and Arne fight with each other about the hottest records. Also Container Records is being haunted often, only to be left with empty racks.

1997 Wayan surrenders and moves to Hamburg, starts to quit and learns sound engineering.

1998 Voov: Spiralkinda open the show in front of more than 15000 guests. Wayan says: "Goose pimples!"

1998 The first release as "Die Drei von der Schnittstelle" is pending. Consequence: Ventilator Records sues the pressing plant and goes broke, the record was never released.

1999 Spiritzone sign the track "Fast Forward" as well as the first 12" under the sonorous name "Spirallianz".

1999 Wayan returns to the party world and plays the first live gigs with Arne, among others at the Millenium Party at the "Tokyo Big Site" in front of 12000 happy Japanese.

2000 Elmshorn – Midimiliz!

2000 Both in the delusion of producing and playing live.

2004 Arne and the studio move to Hamburg

2004 Arne sends the first track made at the new studio to Border Community, just like that.

2005 Arne finds a mail of James Holden, asking if the track was still free.

2005 "Soopertrack" – a working title becomes a manifesto. Thank you, James!

2006 Hamburg / Frankfurt: The "Titelheld" EP is released by Cocoon Recordings. Thank you, Sven!

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