Francesco Del Garda

Francesco Del Garda's passion for what he does is clear for all to see: he plays with a smile on his face and gets as much enjoyment from his work as the dancers in front of him. They like to get up close and personal, too, because his sets are filled with unknown gems, overlooked gold and speak of his obsession for unique sounds.

Well schooled both technically and musically, the ever-evolving Italian mixes up smooth grooves from house, electro, garage, techno and minimal and joins the dots sweeten the old and the new. No matter the trends of the time, Del Garda has always valued vinyl and when many were going digital he remained true to his roots; to the format he first fell in love with aged 16. In turn, he has turned a new generation onto the delights of wax and shown them the joy of digging deep in the crates.

His selections are always seductive and underpinned by a sense of groovy electronic funk, the likes of which draws the listener in and gets you deep in your bones. From small and sweaty basements to open-air desert parties via illicit warehouse raves, del Garda is a man with an innate knack for playing the right record at the right time.

In 2017, he started his label, Timeless; a place for him to support young talents with their own inimitable styles. It has fast become a firm favorite with both DJs and dancers, and much like Del Garda himself, is now utterly synonymous with quality.

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