Frank Haag

Typical for Frank Haag's style is an always darkish and substant approach. His music comes with a deep cinematic touch and a story, often combining the organic with the sonical abstract. Studying Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, he is experimenting with analog and digital studio techniques by making mutiple channels compositions. As Frank Hagemans, his real name, focus lies on concrete music, also seen as sound art.

As a DJ Frank Haag is influenced by Richie Hawtin's and Speedy J's DJ set approach (combining electronica with turntables) and the last few years contained a lot of experimenting with different DJ set ups. These last few years Frank Haag has been collaborating a lot within the Amsterdam electronic music scene. For example playing back to back sets aswell as producing with good friend Sandrien (Intacto, Imprint). He has been busy in the studio on a raw techno project with Brent Roozendaal and on the performance side he has been quite busy on a LIVE performance project with former housemate E-contact (Stock 5, Remote Area).

Haag's history takes us back to the south of Holland where he grew up with his two elder brothers and sister. Coming from a family that is very involved in classical and jazz music, harmony and funk is automatically embedded in his roots. Through his older siblings Motown and over-produced `80 bands like Toto became his favourite listenings. Michael Jackson impressions were a daily routine. As a bass player, he played various gigs around the south of holland in the midst of the 90's grunge movement. When not rehearsing with a band, Frank's musical curiosity continued.
Probably as a result of being used to hearing so much acoustic and "humanly" composed music, he became more and more consumed by the machine made and electronic sounds of house, techno and IDM. Especially when hearing Underworld on the radio for the first time it made him realize that harmony could be created by machines. His first proper gig came at the age of 18 where he found his musical past and ability to anticipate the crowd coming together in the form of a seamless and thumping techno set.

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