Gayle San

Having honed her DJing skills and broadened her understanding of music, Gayle began to experiment with the harder side of dance music, particularly the lesser known techno sounds coming into Britain from Europe and the US. Her chance to pioneer this music in England came when Gayle became resident at Universe's legendary Final Frontier club, at Club U.K. in south London, which then moved on to become Universe Voyager at their new club, the Complex in north London. Widely regarded as one of the best club nights in the world, it was not long before Gayle had amassed a following of techno pilgrims who would make journeys from as far as Edinburgh to hear her play. Gayle's reputation spread like wildfire over the techno centres of Europe, most notably a residency once a month at the legendary Omen club in Frankfurt, the socalled 'Mecca of techno'. Other European and American dates have included some of the most underground clubs in the world, like Bionic in Detroit, Pure Pleasure parties in Chicago, Soma in Montreal, Twilo in New York, Zouk Club in Singapore, Florida 135 in Spain, Fuse Club in Belgium and many more all over Europe and the U.S.A. In 2000 she was voted number 6. of the most popular international DJs in Germany. Regaring the massive competition of the worlds DJs it was the honour of her hard work in the last years. DJing has naturally led to various studio work. Gayle has developed a sound that takes the intelligent beats of the underground, funky/hard/groove techno sound mixed with her very own style. She has recorded tracks under the name Transmakus namely Universe Anthem and Violator which have been included on the Tribal Gathering 94 and 95 albums respectively. Gayle has also recorded a single 'Way of the Dragon' for Rainforest Records, mixed a live set for the official Tribal Gathering 96 album. On her own label Equator she released some solo Eps and collaboration Eps with Mark Williams. In 1998 she mixed the CD from the Fine Audio Mix CD series. The success of this CD overwhelmed everyone who was involved in this project. The CD was sold out in just two months. In 1999 she released a new EP on Touch Tone. Again this release was sold out in a recordtime. In february 2000 she released her Brickliners EP on Fine Audio Rec. The first pressing was in a limited edition on white vinyl and after the sellout of this, the next pressing came in black and was sold out before the actual releasedate already. In the beginning of 2000 she released her second Mix CD called Gayle San at the wheels of steel on the new label Galvanic. For that release Gayle went on a big Worldtour bringing her into more then 30 clubs in just three months. The tour went from the USA to Europe (Germany, Hungary, Czech Rep., Belgium, Netherlands, France) to Asia. This CD was votet the best Mix CD of the releasemonth in many magazines. Also in the year 2000 she started a new collaboration with Jam el mar (Jam and Spoon, Dance 2 Trance) This collaboration runs under the name Jamsan The first release was released on the label Cry Baby and was highly rated in many magazines and recordshop salescharts. In March 2000 she released her Backbone ep on Black Nation from Kalamazzo, USA and in April her The Lab epon Primate UK. As if this would be not enough she mixed the Titan Edition Techno on the austrian Label XXX and did the official Compilation of the famous german rave Time Warp In Summer 2001 she relaunched her own label Equator. The first release from the new series is a cooperation with Jay Denham and releases from Flatner Ingram, Justin Berkovi, Bryan Zentz, Cristian Varela, Keita Shinohara and many more will follow. Gayles idea is to give also lesser known producers from all over the world a platform to release their productions. It will be interesting what tracks Gayle will find for Equator. Next to her successfull DJ carreer and her busy studiowork her famous and popular DJ gigs, the future of Gayle San never looked brighter.

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