This chanced after he entered "De Wraak van Brabant" in 2002 and won unexpectedly. This resulted in a place at the final of "De Grote prijs van Nederland". More gigs followed and this resulted in a residency at Extrema. In 2003 he started his own "techno" label together with MBC called lessismorecordings. Although this was the starting-point, the label has just recently (beginning of 2005) put out it's second release "lessismorebutminimalistoomuch" due to much resistance. This record was received with great enthousiasm and was sold out within a few weeks. The upcoming releases before the summer of 2005 are Lessismore003 "theslowedition" and Lessismore004 "nomorenews". Other realeases will follow in the second part of 2005. But Gideon is not only playing and producing techno, he also plays and produces electro under his alter ego Alexis Tyrel. This year at least two records will be released on a new label for dutch ground named Electronique, a label from dj Zaxxon. Electronique 001 "for the girlz" is already in stores and the second will follow shortly. Discography: Lessismorecordings 001 - (2003) Lessismorecordings 002 / 003 / 004 (2005) Technique allstars (2004) Electronique 001 / 002 (2005) Remix Extrema Outdoor Theme (2004)

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