GiGi FM aka Giulia Fournier-Mercadante is a French/Italian force well and truly to be reckoned with.

Born and raised in Paris, Gigi moved to New York in her teens after being awarded a dance scholarship at the NYC Ballet and Alvin Ailey where she studied and practiced dance at the highest level before moving onward to her current residence of London where she continues to make waves with her unique approach to Music, Sound, Dance and Art.

It wasn’t long until she became a firm fixture of South-London’s close-nit music scene, taking part in organising parties in DIY spaces and DJing regularly across the city (with regular appearances at London’s revered ‘Make Me’ parties). Listing Donato Dozzy, Bjork, Function, Neel, Aleksi Perrälä, Pierre Henry, E. Satie and Suzanne Ciani to name a few among her musical influences, Gigi is as creative in the studio as she is on the decks.

GiGi associates textures and colours to sounds within the music, giving her a unique approach to collecting, selecting, playing and making music and affording a natural ability to create atmospheres and ambience unlike many others.

After playing two stand-out sets on Boiler Room in recent times, she is now about to embark on a Boiler Room club-tour covering some key UK and European cities, placing her among a select number of her musical piers. Add to this a fast-growing list of gigs and many more exciting projects in the making, the future looks very bright for GiGi FM indeed!

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