Giorgia Angiuli

Giorgia Angiuli is an Italian live artist, electronic producer, classically trained musician and now, inventor; loved by peers, fans, and tastemakers for her authenticity and unquenchable curiosity expressed via her live sets, releases, and her label ‘United’, home to her second studio album, ‘Quantum Love’, released late 2021 to acclaim including Vogue Italia. 2023 adds labels like Purified, Mobilee, Armada to her back catalogue, after a packed 2022 performing at Timewarp Brazil, Ultra Music Miami, Sonus Croatia...

Her colourful and playful synaesthetic approach to music includes exploring artistic and scientific topics in innovative ways such as her new kalya headband/app for health enhancement through sound. Angiuli’s solo project bridges melodic and techno electronica. Her voice creates an ethereal dimension, intensified by her unique combination of tech. Her live set-up is ever-changing as she explores new techniques (featured in dj mag’s ‘how i play live’ video series from offsónar). Her live performance combines synths, drums, theremin, modified kids’ toys and many bluetooth midi controllers. She collaborates with several brands, always happy to test new gear. curiosity is key in her life. Mixing samples and loops, she shapes a vibrating, energetic groove that ignites the dance floor. She also collaborates with the brand aodyo, producing a musical instrument ‘sylphyo’ - Giorgia Angiuli’s edition.

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