Go Hiyama

His thinking for minimalism isn't reduced to just music, so his tracks are always built by very different ideas and music styles. James Ruskin supported his productions, releasing Go Hiyama's material on the british label Coda Records. Go Hiyama has released over 10 original productions on many different european labels like Coda, Electracom, Sheep, Maracas and Warm Up. His demand is rapidly growing worldwide. In 2004, Go Hiyama made his European debut in Spain. People recognized that he had his own style. His Japanese style of techno was pure, unique and underground - nothing that had been heard before in Europe. His reputation and popularity quickly spread all over the continent. He was becoming recognized as one of Japan's underground and respected techno Live Act. discography Go Hiyama - Page 122 EP - Asian Dynasty Go Hiyama - Tsunami Relief Volume 4 - Abiotic Go Hiyama - Sheep 40 Go Hiyama - Art & Strategy - Warm Up 12 Go Hiyama - From Around the World - Sheep 38 Go Hiyama - Dymaxion EP - Maracas 11 Go Hiyama - 5 Years - Maracas 09 Go Hiyama - Cat's Craddle - Electracom 19 Go Hiyama - Polemic EP - Maracas 06 Go Hiyama - Wege Zur EP - Coda 08

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