Greg Notill

At 6 years of age he was really interested on data processing (street fighter on Amstrad CPC). Very quickly his glance turned to an alliance between the sound and the computers. His first steps were done thanks to the Soundtracker (1994) (always on Amstrad CPC). The rest is easy to imagine, he bought a PC... Fanatic of all kinds of electronical music and thanks to his demomakers' group, he experimented all existing PC's Trackers (fasttracker, protracker, digitracker impulsetracker, modplug tracker...) and started to make hard stuff since he was 14 years old.

Then, he discovered Rebirth (the first real burner for him) whereafter he produced all his tracks with 'REASON' which he will not leave anymore. Defender of hard, industrial and deep schranz sounds, he always wants to push the power to its limits...

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