Although Hadone mainly expresses himself through music, he is also passionate about creating connections between different art forms. At the very core of this vision, you’ll find his project 'Things We Never Did' where he fuses music with fashion, gaming, design and short movies.

Hadone is also known for his frequent releases on major techno labels, including Monnom Black, Mama Told
Ya, Kaos, Klakson and of course Taapion. His approach to music production led to him composing each
track as a tale about his current mindset. Completely opening himself up alongside his own frustrations and
questions, when he produces music, we can hear the complexity behind the man in his very unique
approach to melody, rhythm and sound.

DJ wise, Hadone offers unique sets throughout selected clubs and festivals where regular 4x4 techno
encounters breakbeat, IDM and other inspirational tracks of his own selection.

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