Unfortunatley the club closed in 1992 and from that moment on he played at various parties and clubs throughout the country. His style slowly evolves into a mixture of House & Techno and in 1994 he started dj-ing at the pré-Planet Rose nights at Doornroosje in Nijmegen. He became a resident dj with the official beginning of the Planet Rose in 1995. In the mean time he also started a fulltime study. After finishing his study in 4 years in 1997, he started working as an assistance engineer in several recordingstudio's. In the mean time he gradually started buying equipment and in the year 1999 he started making his own music. With his passion for American House (labels like Nervous, Nu Groove, Strictly Rhythm etc.) & Techno (430 West, UR, Axis etc.) he started making trax to complete his dj-set. Since 1999 there have been several records released, some of them became very succesfull with top dj's from around the world and have been played on radiostations like the BBC Radio 1, Dutch Radio 3 and KinkFM. In 2003 he also started to produce for other artists and in 2004 he became A&R manager for a new Dutch label called "Fingers Ltd. Records". In the year 2003 he was chosen at nr. 58 on the Dutch Best National DJ-Award list, which isn't a bad position 'cause after all very few 'Techno'-dj's were chosen in that list. A lot of top-dj's has played his productions. Supporting dj's are people like Carl Cox, Angel Molina, Paco Osuna, Umek, Pascal FEOS, Valentino Kanzyani, Misstress Barbara, Jeff Mills etc. etc. As a dj, Hansz played at a lot of venues in his own country and in countries like Spain, Germany and Belgium. As a resident dj of the legendary Planet Rose-nights at Doornroosje in Nijmegen he joyned almost every famous dj. In december 2004 Hansz decided it was time to move on and quited his residency @ Planet Rose. 2005 will be the year where Hans gonna be releasing more records on international labels. Dj-ed at: Tresor (Berlin/Germany), Underworld (Osnabrueck/Germany), Club Ultraschall (Munchen/Germany), Club Spectrum (Frankfurt/Germany), Café D'Anvers (Antwerpen/Belgium), Moog (Barcelona/Spain), Planet Rose (residency 1994-2004 / Nijmegen), Melkweg (Amsterdam), Nighttown (Rotterdam), Las Palmas (Rotterdam), Dance Valley (1997 / festival Spaarnwoude), O13 (Tilburg), Effenaar (Eindhoven), De Rechter (Eindhoven), LVC (Leiden), Burger Weeshuis (Deventer), Simplon (Groningen), Bootleg café (Rotterdam), Het Paard (Den Haag), Tivoli (Utrecht), Club Extravaganza (Nijmegen) & many smaller clubs & parties in the Netherlands. Discography 1999: "Chilli Pop ep" - dj Hansz (Subspace 020) 2000: "Loop ep" - dj Hansz (Body Art Form 01) "Jackin'/16 Tools" - Herkules (CC Records 018) "Digital Reduction" - Vinylwatch Herkules remix (CC Records 022) 2001: "Herkules Drums" - dj Hansz (Klirfactor 01) 2002: "Tweakin' & Freakin'" - dj Hansz (Body Art Form 02) "Nijmegen/Sparks" - Herkules (Patterns 04) "Go Bah !" - dj Hansz (Rhythm Maker 01) 2003: "Conspiracy ep" - dj Hansz & Jan Liefhebber (Highland Beats 023) "Funkfx" - Cameron dj Hansz remix (Patterns 07) "Congo/Bongo" - dj Hansz (Patterns 05) "Rattlebag" - dj Hansz (Klirfactor 03) "Changes" - dj Hansz (Body Art Form 06) "Reflex" - dj Hansz & Jan Liefhebber rmx (High Beats 024) "Morgen Stirbt Berlin" - dj Hansz & Jan Liefhebber rmx (LFR 09) "Rollercoaster" - dj Hansz (Fortek 04) "In Motion" - Hans Wolters (Fingers LTD 01) "Future World" - dj Hansz & Jan Liefhebber (Giant & Dwarf 01)' "Jack" - Recyver Dogs Hans Wolters remix (Fingers Ltd. 02) 2004: "Battle EP" - dj Hansz (Klirfactor 06) "Skyline EP" - dj Hansz & Jan Liefhebber (HB Limited 004) "Distance EP' - dj Hansz (WHPH 04) "First Reason" - Joris Voorn Hans Wolters remix (HB Limited 005) 2005: "Remote Places EP" - dj Hansz & P. Hazendonk (Technique 007) "Voodoo" - Jan Liefhebber Hansz remix (V-Limited France) Producer credits: 2003: "I Like It The Way U Like It" - dj Pure (Fingers Ltd. 01) "Umbrella Groove" - Jan Liefhebber (Klirfactor 03) "Boneshaker/Superstition" - Jan Liefhebber (Klirfactor 04) "Death To Sandman" - Jan Liefhebber remix (HB Limited 003) "Moderne Brieftauben" - Jan Liefhebber remix (Decomplex 022) "Search And Destroy" - Jan Liefhebber (Highland Beats 026) "Dark Perception" - Jan Liefhebber (Synopsis 01) 2004: "Armageddon" - Jan Liefhebber (ID&T) "Kanu" - Jan Liefhebber remix (Klirfactor) "U238" - Jan Liefhebber remix (U. Liberation) "Leave Me Alone" - Jan Liefhebber remix (Invasion) "Untitled" - Jan Liefhebber (Highland Beats 033) "Set Up 707" - Edge Of Motion J. Liefhebber remix

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