Marseille-born Hemka says “Music plays a vital role in my life. It allows me to clear my head, to express my feelings: my joys, my sorrows, my anger. All that I very often have trouble communicating in a general way.” Growing up in a musical family Hemka’s career path is not something of an odd choice, rather the opposite. Playing bass guitar as a teenager and later on experimenting with two turntables and a mixer, she understood she belongs in the club. Being a DJ and techno producer felt as much as a positive challenge as coming home.

Ambitious and goal driven, Hemka’s first release was the self published track “Drunk Violins” that she gave away for free in 2016, without the safety of a label behind her. In hindsight a smart move. Later that same year Hemka fully entered the clubs with her “Rotation EP”, released by Portuguese label Labrynth. Her
productions are full of shrewd, minimalistic sounds - paradoxically enough making up her very maxed-out production style. Hemka does not give you much option than to jack your body. Her compositions are fast-paced and frantic, still containing enough psychedelic and mystifying elements to sweep away the listener. The same highly concentrated canned-up dynamic is expressed when Hemka is behind the decks. She excellently manages to capture her core as a producer (as well as speaking her mind) through carefully picking tracks matching her mood. She is not afraid to let the crowd know she needs their response. She says she loves to hear the dancers “scream and whistle”, seeing the passion in their eyes. Hemka wants her audience to know she needs their energy and support to deliver with full force. Hemka has since 2016 had tracks released on Corseque, Dolma Rec, Float and Green Fetish Records. In 2018 Tripeo’s Dutch Balans Records gave out her 12-inch EP “707 Collisions” – a record inspired by the artist’s mindset when touring. In 2019 she released “The Portrait of Nina Sayers” on Radio Slave’s Rekids imprint as well as a remix of Paula Temple’s “Raging Earth” on Noise Manifesto.

In March 2020, Hemka released her first full artist album “Hunger Waves” on Balans Records, catching a lot of attention from peers with her very personal production style. She continues to develop her sound during this involuntary sabbatical year and has some exciting projects lined up for 2020, including a 4 track for Ben Sims’ “Symbolism” label which is due to be released in September.

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