Born in 1993 nearby Amsterdam, Hans ‘Herra’ van Riessen has been involved in the capitals’ nightlife from a young age. His career as a DJ started when he was still a teenager, making name for himself due to his steady grooves and killer eye for precision and detail. At that time many discovered that Herra was one to keep an eye on, winning the New Kid In The Forest competition of Welcome To The Future proved this even more.

These days he’s a regular at well known concepts such as VBX, Mystic Garden, Solar Festival, Welcome To The Future and Into the Woods, known for his excellent mixing skills and infinite collection of rarely known house tracks. As well, in 2018 he started his own minimalistic label Time Item, together with Pelle Loopik. First releases are expected around the end of the year, rumour goes that Herra will debut as a producer on his own label pretty soon.

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