However prior to this Pierre has already had an extensive production and recording career during the world wide explosion of dance music in the 90's, that most are completely unaware of. Born in Gothenburg 1972, he was originally hooked on music via the Electro and Synth movement during the 80s championed by the likes of Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, Human League, and Afrika Bambaataa. By the end of the 80s he had completely emerged himself into Gothenburg's DJ scene, gaining numerous residencies. A 2nd place in Sweden's National 1991 DMC DJ Championship, led to him representing Sweden in the European finals, where upon he finished second again. For the following year, he attained 1st place in Sweden, and automatically qualified for the DMC World DJ Championship Final, which was eventually won by Rock Steady (USA) and with Pierre achieving a highly credible 5th place. Shortly after, his reputation spread and by 1994 Pierre's remixes and productions were gracing the likes of PolyGram, Tempo, Warner Music, Stockholm Records and EVA Records for a variety of their numerous chart projects and chart topping bands. By 1995, Pierre was nominated for Best Producer and Best Remixer categories for the prestigious Swedish Dance Music Awards, and by the end of that year, had completed 10 productions and over 40 remixes for the likes of Virgin, MCA, EMI, Sony Music, BMG, Edel and many more. To capitalise, Pierre then set up his own production company Q-Park, complete with record company and publishing arm, the same year he received four nominations in various categories at the Swedish Dance Music Awards and a further 2 in 1997. Having remixed and produced for some of Sweden's biggest acts in this buoyant period, totalling more than 150, this resulted in 74 reaching Top 40 status in Swedish Dance Chart, 30 reaching Top 10 and 5 attaining the No. 1 position. For 2001, whilst the other Swedish Production Heavyweights like Max Martin (Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys), Anders Bagge (Destiny's Child, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez) were still retaining their chart credentials, Pierre decided to tackle the ruthless and volatile underground dance scene with his labels Q Records, Abyss and Sway recordings, via the underground. Influenced by his deep-rooted passion for underground music, Pierre has since recorded under numerous new alias including Ekkoheadz, Man To Man, Espionage, Homerun, Endurance, Sidechained, Powers That Be, Pierre J, Afro Beat Kingz, and his various styles have picked up widespread International support. Which then then led to releases on Defected, Fluential and also SAW Recordings. However it is with his techno imprint Sway and his harder production moniker Hertz, which has really been the driving force over the past 4 years, where Hertz is seen as part of the new wave of Swedish techno talent. After starting the label of with some solid collaboration with the likes of Johan Bacto (Zync, Mankind, Skunkworks, Countdown2000), Tobias von Hofsten (Dark Disco, Illegal Stockholm, Theory, Drumcode, and Primate) and Hardcell (Mankind, Zync, CLR, Jericho, AMC), Hertz was ready to go it alone by release no 4 and become the main focus for the label, which has recently celebrated its 10th release across 2 discs with remixes from the likes of Cave, Ignition Technician, Valentino Kanzyani, Lars Klein, Paul Mac and more. Since 2003 Hertz has also graced the likes of some of the scenes most respected and championed labels including Primate, Recycled Loops, Mankind, Drumcode, Wet Musik, Phont, SLS, Tortured, Zync, Zync Grooves, Primevil to name a few, he is currently one of the most in demand producers and remixers in the Techno Scene. Lookout as Hertz now hits the road, with his deadly DJ antics and also live set up, following the success of his "Recreate" track, on his debut live performance for the highly respected Dance Valley festival, and the aforementioned track became the official theme tune for that festival 2004. Pierre's, fully comprehensive studio set up, and also vast knowledge of programming and dance floor dynamics, means that he will still be producing, long after others have thrown in the towel or retired, for further info please check www.q-park.se With current supporters including Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills, Cari Lekebusch, Pascal FEOS, Henrik B, Dave Angel, Samuel L Session, Saeed & Palash, Timo Maas, Deep Dish, Peace Division, Danny Tenaglia, Seb Fontaine, Judge Jules, Lexicon Avenue, Lemon 8, Chab, Mixmaster, Bryan Zentz, Angel Alanis, Umek, DJ Remy, James Holden, DJ Nukem, Mr C, Josh Wink, Mauro Picotto, Trevor Rockliffe, Tall Paul, Fergie, Lee Burridge, Satoshi Tommie, Simon Dunmore (Defected), Steve Lawler, John Digweed, Hernan Catteneo, Warren Clarke, Pete Tong, Richie Hawtin, Umek, Carl Cox, Johan Bacto, Technasia, Fergie, Tim Xavier, Paul Mac, Lucca, Billy Nasty, Valentino Kanzyani, Stanny Franssen, BK, Misstress Barbara, DJ Misjah, Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Laurent Garnier, Bryan Cox, Phil Kieran and Chris Liebing. And with now over 50 Hertz productions/ remixes currently rocking dance floors across the globe, you wont have to go far to come across his infectious dance floor production style. Discography Abyss 12 - Hertz - Lost Abyss 13 - Hertz - Steric Beatdisaster 511 - Hertz & Rowdy Sparks - Hertzdisaster Drumcode 27 - Swedish Steel - Hertz - Granit Drumcode 27,5 Hertz - Granit (Cari Lekebusch Remix) ELP 110005 - Hertz - 3 Ways ELP 33049CD - Hertz - Perspective (2 x CD) ("Best Of Hertz"-compilation) G-Force Premiere 3 - Hertz - Spice Hz Traz 05 - Hertz - Always Two Sides To The Coin Jericho 32 - Hertz - Concrete EP Mankind 12 - Hertz - Mankind 12 Mankind 13 - Hertz & Bacto - Mankind 13 Mankind 20 - Hertz & Bacto - Mankind 20 Phont 35 - Hertz - Phonk EP Primate 82 - Hertz - Presents the Present EP Q-Records 17 - Hertz - Progress Recycled Loops 11 - Hertz - Look back to see the future EP Concept 3 - Hertz - Recreate (incl. Montana Re-edit) SLS-18 - Hertz - Take something Sway 1 - Hertz & Bacto Sway 2 - Hertz & Tobias Von Hofsten Sway 3 - Hertz & Hardcell Sway 4 - Hertz - Alone & By Myself Sway 6 - Hertz & Rowdy Sparks Sway 7 - Hertz & Mhononlink Sway 8 - Hertz - Julia, Linus and Dean Martin Sway 9 - Hertz - Used Sway 10.0-Hertz-Greatest Beats Vol 1 Sway 10.1- Hertz - Mixes 1 Sway 10.2- Hertz - Mixes 2 Sway 11 - Hertz - Kicks Sway 13 - Hertz - Lucky 13 Sway 15.0 - Hertz - Limited Mixes Sway 15 - Hertz - Mouldable / Tripping Sway 16 - Hertz - Breaker Sway 17 - Forward Sway 18 - Priorities Sway 20 - Big Bang Tortured / Pain-34 - Hertz - Ones Painkillers 2 - Hertz - One (Gaetano Parisio Remix) Wetmusik 19 - Hertz - Bonafide EP Zync-23 - Hertz & Bacto - Magnitude EP Zync-27 - Hertz & Bacto - Zyncronized Pt 1 Zyncgrooves 1 - Hertz & Bacto - Zyncgrooves 1 Zyncgrooves 3 - Hertz - Foray EP Zyncgrooves 4 - Hertz & Bacto - Beats for vacations Also a number of Hertz remixes out there.

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