Ici Sans Merci

ICI SANS MERCI, a Dutch DJ and producer of house and techno, began his career in 2006. Earning his stripes through the underground scene and illegal raves located in Amsterdam and throughout the rest of the Netherlands has allowed his style to become extremely diverse and both attract fans of all forms of electronic dance music as well as perform for a variety of party scenes.

Already known and highly requested in both Amsterdam’s biggest clubs and festivals held across the country, ICI SANS MERCI has managed to spread his music to the international scene as well. After touring with Radio 538 through Ibiza during the summer of 2011 he was asked to become a Resident DJ for their radio show “Dance Department” – witch also provide one of the best listened to podcasts in the world. ICI SANS MERCI continues to play every summer in Ibiza and in addition is scheduled to play upcoming worldwide gigs in Barcelona, Berlin, and London.

On the constant rise, ICI SANS MERCI’s popularity continues to flourish and his breakthrough as a recognized artist can be reflected on his recent achievements in the past year alone. A featured artist in the line-up for large events in 2012 such as Amsterdam Dance Event, ICI SANS MERCI is now a resident DJ for Format, Chateau Techno and Lazy Sundays and was presented with the Dutch Techno Award for “Best New Artist of 2012”.

His first EP, “Sunshine State”, was released earlier in 2012 and may be found on Beatport, Juno and other sites. ICI SANS MERCI is currently working on his second EP in collaboration with several artists.

Passionate and driven to advance his musical career in the oncoming years, one can only assume that ICI SANS MERCI is a name which will be heard many times in the near future as he continues to amaze the electronic music world with his talents.

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