Ille Bitch

Ille Bitch, also known as Michael von L., crawled out of the Haarlem underground and is one of Holland’s most popular dj’s of this moment. His contagious enthusiasm and never ending attention for his fans has made him irreplaceable in the Dutch party scene.

It was in 2002 when Ille Bitch first took place at the turntables. His flatmate, a dj known as Greg Martini, invited him to spin a record. It was a revelation for Ille, who soon started saving for his own equipment. In 2004 Ille had saved enough, he bought his first decks and launched his spinning career. He has been successful from the get go. With him a generation of ravers stood up and followed him to the best parties and supported him like he supported them.

It didn’t take long or the country was infected by the Ille-virus. He found his way to the dj-booths of clubs like Paradiso, 11, Lichtfabriek, Patronaat, Club Stalker, Poema, Tivoli, Effenaar, Club Rembrandt en LVC. There was no stopping when Ille Bitch and fellow-dj De Man Zonder Schaduw decided to spin together. At the same time Ille got residencies at Club Stalker, R3corder, Full Spectrum, Upstruct and Gasten zonder Grenzen. He spread his mix of house-electro-minimal-techno over the country and abroad like ink.

De Man Zonder Schaduw and Ille left a trail of satisfied dancers, lively party people and full clubs behind. After three years they decided to split up, leaving each other with the utmost respect as friends and colleagues. They said goodbye with a tour over the whole country. The last night took place in May 2008 and was a seven hour set in Club Stalker.

But no need to worry about Ille, he’s fine by himself. He is a well known artist in Holland, without a single release. But his recent his purchase of a laptop is the first step to producing. As a traditional vinylist Ille has made the step to digital. He tours the country with his midicontroller and laptop, using them to melt tracks of others to an exciting set.

But being alone brings boredom, Ille found out. That’s why he and colleague-dj Unders are planning to get every one in Holland and abroad dancing. Ille will proceed his own dj-ing career and is starting to make his own production. No one knows what the future will bring, but knowing Ille it will be a great party.

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