Indira Paganotto

Indira Paganotto was born in 1992 and is at the moment one of Spain's most iconic and
recognisable artists. Indira has had the most eclectic musical upbringing. Her father, a DJ in the
80's, was her educator and his collection of disco, jazz, acid house and goa music was the
perfect library for the girl from Madrid. Her sets are full of elegance and effusive danceability, with
a quality selection that brings us from 90 ́s disco to the most current underground techno music.
Wherever or whenever, her style is energetic, regardless of whether it is hard or soft. This
energetic eclecticism has become her signature trait, together with a constant smile!

In the last 12 months, Indira’s rise has been unstoppable: from headlining all major clubs and
events, such as Awakenings, Tomorrowland, Circoloco, Amnesia Ibiza, EXIT festival, Pacha
Barcelona, Shelter Amsterdam, Fabric London, EDC Las Vegas, Thuishaven, Bar Americas,
Nordstern, Cavo Paradiso, DC-10, and many others, Indira’s become one of the most in-demand
names across the globe. With big support from Charlotte de Witte, Indira performed at her
KNTXT events globally: Europe, North America, South America...

Often combining very diverse sounds, Indira impeccably manages to capture the audience’s
attention. Her trademark, Psy-trance mixed with techno, has nowadays become a synonym for

Having launched her own label in June 2022, ARTCORE, there is a busy release schedule
ahead: after the first Guns and Horses, the next one is expected in the first half of 2023.
Indira’s future is as bright as her smile: with her energy, her dedication to work and her flawless
skills, she will never let the audience leave feeling indifferent - she is there to make a statement.
Whether it’s a 15k capacity mega-venue, an open-air festival or a dusty underground club, rest
assured she’ll conquer it.

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