Invite & Mo Franco

Some people are born modest. Some are born talented. Tim van Paradijs was born both. Known in the music scene as Invite, this 27-year old wizz from Utrecht is one of the most sought-after DJs in the Netherlands. His lack of pretense and love of music make him a force to be reckoned with. He is also the mastermind behind the Solid Grooves parties that have dominated the Utrecht techno scene for many years. Known for his varied choice of records and adeptness with the decks, Invite delivers the goods - whether performing at down-tempo parties or closing the night with his harder techno sets.

Yet Invite is not just a techno DJ. To stereotype him would diminish the impact he's made on the techno scene, and the respect he's earned over the years for his creativity, technical finesse and versatility in his track selection. Few DJs feel comfortable in so many areas within Techno. Invite has established a strong a reputation for pushing the boundaries both musically and geographically, having made a name for himself playing many gigs throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

Much of his appeal is due to the fact that he fits well into any part of the line-up depending on what the party needs. Down-tempo? No problem. A hard set that pounds cracks in the walls? You'd better believe it. His versatility have been proven time and again by his unforgettable performances at Solid Groove parties, where he maintains resident status, as well as at the harder Bass Traxx events, also organized by Solid Grooves.

It is this versatility combined with his technical skills that distinguish Invite from other DJs. That can be seen in his sources of inspiration: The old Detroit, UK/Birmingham, Dubtechno, Swedish and Japanese sounds played a significant role in the evolution of Invite's personal music style as well.

But his influences and interests don't end there. House, Drum 'n Bass, Hip Hop, Ambient - even 1960's classic Rock and Roll. Theatre, modern cinema, or just a simple conversation he had today. It all adds up. Talent, hard work and enthusiasm have paid off, with Invite achieving status as one of the Holland's top techno talents. And with his releases on Manual Music & Marmelade Music label, more success is sure to come.

Mo Franco
Mo Franco, a.k.a. Maurice Franken, was born and raised in a small town in the south of Holland.
He got infected with Techno music at the age of 15. At that time (1989) this new kind of music was known as acid, hip-house and new-beat. Through the years he gained some good experience at several clubs, party's and festivals in countries like: Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Belgium. Mo Franco has been booked on big events like: Love Parade, Awakenings, QBase, Ruhr in Love, Maximal.

Mo Franco likes to explore and cross musical borders and combine different styles in the mix. He knows like no other to rock da crowd with his record choice and mixing skills. Mo Franco has already been booked and performing together with world renowned djs and producers such as: dj Rush / Frank Kvitta / Industrialyzer / Pet Duo / Bold / Marco Bailey / Ben Sims / James Ruskin / Estroe / Shinedoe / Bas Mooij /CJ Bolland /Daniel Sanchez / Michel de Hey / Secret Cinema and more...

Since 2005 he launched his Plus Minus [+/-] party’s at Boulevard Breda, a techno event. This event is well known in the area, and has the loving support of a strong fanbase each month. Mo Franco does not only show off his own mixing skills at Plus Minus, he also gives new (local) talent the opportunity to introduce themselves to a never taming enthusiastic crowd.

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