Ion Ludwig

It is the summer of 2003 when Koos Ludwig starts producing electronical music. In the years before that time he had always been busy with music in general. Studying guitar and percussion gave him inspiration to do more with his musical creativity. The love for techno already started earlier. Big names like Carl Cox, Sven Vath, and Underworld were introducing techno to Ludwig and gave him his first impressions of technology music. As Ludwig started producing, his love for techno remained but his productions slowly changed to more deep and progressive sounds. The techno 'background' and his love for complex rythms, deep and dark melodies and progressive build ups developed the style that best can be described as ' deep minimalistic techno with cutting edge sounds and rhythms'. Greatest inspirators of the last two years are Ricardo Villalobos and Richie Hawtin for their excelent productions and stunning gigs. After two years of producing Koos Ludwig starts to develop his liveset. It is the end of August 2005 when his first preformances are a fact. His liveset goes from deep and melonchollie to energetic and dark minimal techno often blended all together. This year Ion Ludwig will release records on Alphahouse, Stock5, Phonocult and Underl_ne and much more is coming.

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A1 Ion Ludwig - Spuren das Speed (Original Mix)