J. Fernandes

Music has always been a big part of his life a total passion that kept growing inside him every day.
Coming from a country where music is a cult and so appreciated
He soon realize that music would identify who he is as a person. Open‐minded, young, creative, fresh, observing and funny he always looks forward to share his love for music with people allowing them to truly see who he is an individual.

Influenced by so many types of music he believes variety is what
really makes a difference and keeps things fresh, exciting and interesting. He also believes that his African roots are what really
define his taste in music and way of life.

“Enjoy and love what you do... Have fun with it... be creative and
don’t ever let anybody take that from you at any means... Believe in yourself”.

From groovy, funky beats to pounding techno this kid worall involving the crowd in a non-­‐stop journey into sound.

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