Jackmaster has been obsessed with music ever since his early years sweeping floors at the legendary record store Rubadub in Glasgow - a place he continues to cite as the source of his unique sound. A self-confessed super fan of Detroit Techno and Prince and a dedicated collector of disco and funk gems and rarities, Jack’s sets have been an object lesson in versatility and imagination since the very beginning.

His lack of musical prejudice, and open-minded approach and ability to adapt to any given situation, underpinned by a knowledge of underground house and techno bordering on the obsessive, give him more options up his sleeve than just about any other DJ out there – and a rare knack for connecting seemingly disparate styles into cohesive sets that continually encapsulate the heartbeat that makes dance culture life-changing and thrilling. With Jackmaster, it’s about the clubber on the dancefloor reacting instantaneously and truthfully to the music.

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