Jan Liefhebber

Jan Liefhebber is most well known for founding the now infamous Highland Beats Records in 1995.
Highland Beats has become one of the most respected techno labels around featuring prestigious artists like WJ Henze, Cristian Varela, Glenn Wilson, Lars Klein to name but a few. Jan also started up his own record shop aged just 20 and helped to set up the techno department of Triple Vision Record Distribution. He is also the brain behind the successful labels Klirfactor, Body Art Form and Highland Beats Limited.

Jan initially made a name for his DJ sets at underground parties in Holland and for the parties he organised under the name Equivalence. The word soon spread and he broke through internationally, performing more often in the rest of the world than in his native Holland. He has become a household name in Germany where he played at Nature One in 2003 as well as performing regularly in France, England, Poland, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Mexico and the USA.

Jan also receives a lot of acclaim for his own productions and his work with studio partner DJ Hansz. He has released on prolific labels including Highland Beats, Klirfactor, Lifeform, Decomplex Audio, Giant & Dwarf and Synopsis. He also has releases lined up for Global Trax (USA), the German label Artillery, and upcoming Dutch label Underground Liberation. Jan follows his own instincts and lives for the music, which has proved to be the success factor of his labels, record shop and DJ career.

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