Jason and the Argonauts

The Ancient Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts came to life over more than 5000 years ago. A man sent on a mission by the Gods united all the heroes of his time and took off to for fill his destiny. The myth is a symbol for brotherhood and cherishing a goal on ones heart. With this in mind four friends decided to make this myth come back to life in June of 2004. A second Jason and the Argonauts (J&A) became reality for a shared purpose: creating a live-act and letting everyone know that they're there. In 2005 they started with a combination of equipment, that they still use till this day; Three laptops, synced to a machine drum together with FX for live vocals. Through out Holland they`ve performed at many different locations. They can also include Belgium, Northern Ireland and Berlin to their history of excellent gigs at clubs and festivals. To get a good image of the sound they produce, they recommend people to come and check them out: "our live-act is best to watch live. In this way everyone can sculpt their own opinion about what kind of genre our music really is, if you prefer labelling music in a way." One thing is for sure: Their act guarantees a boost to your energy level through stimulating the visual and auditory senses.

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