Jay Denham

At first, initial distribution troubles delayed the release of the first record until 1995. In early 1996, his "Day of Atonement" and "Playerhater" releases as Blackman and Vice, respectively, caught the notice of techno fans, and Black Nation quickly gained notoriety for it s high quality releases. In addition to Black Nation, he also released records on such famed techno labels as Tresor, Sativae, Fragmented, Cloned Vinyl, Fragile, and Cosmic. In 1998, he released his first album "Escape to the Black Planet" on Germany s Disko B records. This was followed by 1999 s "Synthesized Society" album, also released on Disko B. The year 2000 saw the debut of Slavery 2000 and Sector 616, Jay s new sublabels for Black Nation. Jay Denham has dj ed all around the world in the past 4 years. Highlights include Mayday in Berlin (Dec 1996), Sonar in Barcelona (June 1998), and appearances in Germany, England, Scotland, France, Italy, Japan, and many other countries. Until it was cancelled, he was slated to be a headliner for Universe s 1998 Tribal Gathering in England. One of his most recent highlights was headlining three different events for the 2000 Love Parade in Berlin. Denham has gained world wide fame for playing a mixture of hard and funky techno while utilizing three turntables.

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