Jesper Dahlbäck

Stockholm, Sweden is the home of Jesper Dahlback, one of the most important figures in house production to emerge since Derrick Carter reared his funky head. Dahlback records under a number of different pseudonyms for Svek, a label originally set up by Wrong Steps boss Manuel Perez and Stephan Grieder. As Persuader, Dahlback produces his infamous blend of deep liquid house, which has become the staple diet of the more discerning DJs across the globe. He also partners with J. L. Hutha as Brommage Dub to create deeper dubbier house, and with Good Looking artist Seba as Sunday Brunch to make sweet uplifting melodies that are perfect for late-night sessions and lazy hazy sunrises. Dahlback was first introduced to the world of electronic music production thanks to fellow Swede Adam Beyer, owner of two of the world's most respected techno labels, Drumcodes and Code Red. They met on a train traveling to the Berlin Love Parade in '93, and less than a year later they opened up Globe Studios together. Dahlback's career really took off when he met up with house producer Stephan Grieder, with whom he co-produced "Stay With The Machine." Finding himself drawn to house music, Dahlback wasted no time building his musical resume on labels such as Svek, Earthtones, and his own, Blank and DK (if you missed the 10-inch treat "The Real Jazz," you must have been living on Mars). More recently, Dahlback has been focusing on his DJ career with gigs across Western Europe, the U.S., and Canada. The fiendishly clever chaps at Turbo Recordings were quick to recognize Dahlback's propensity for mind-altering deep house mixes and wasted no time in signing him for their now legendary International Mix Session Series. Both Stockholm Mix Sessions, available for streaming, will make perfect listening for the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, but most importantly, the dance floor.

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