Joella Jackson

Joëlla Jackson, A rising DJ based in Amsterdam. Her Career has started by playing at small parties in the capital city. She quickly found her way to bigger gigs and now she is indispensable on the Dutch line-ups.

Joëlla grew up in a household with a lot of music, especially old soul and disco. She could appreciate a lot of genres and noticed that music is really something what moved her.

Her love for house music started when she was like 13 years old. Soon as she came in touch with this genre, she was impressed. This was because of the groovy basslines, she recognized a lot of disco and soul in the house music. When she was a bit older she started to dig in music more and so she found more and more styles in the genre House music.

The search to new music was always something she was busy with and so it isn't a big surprise that she is doing what she does now.

When Joëlla was 18 years old she was working in a Club and very quick she was asked to have her own club night on Thursday nights. On those evenings she had to take care of the music until the first DJ started.This is where she first came in touch with a DJ set and this was also the time when she was allowed to "legaly" party. Quickly she found her way in the music scene of Amsterdam where she paid close attention to the talents/artist who were playing on the events she went.

In the meantime Joëlla was practicing her DJ skills at small gatherings and house parties and all her friends were encouraging cause they've heard her music selections. It didn't take long before a friend saw her talent and gave Joëlla her first official gig in a club in Amsterdam and from that moment more gigs started to come in. After a year or so, she had gigs in different clubs but she is a big dreamer, and so she signed at an agency.

In 2022 Joëlla played on events like Strafwerk festival, Elrow and clubs like Shelter, De Marktkantine and Toffler. She is found on line-ups with top DJ's like Loco Dice, Jamie Jones, The Martinez Brothers and Kerri Chandler.

She's achieving goals that she dreamed of, and still she has lots to give. This year 2023 she is going to be playing on Music on festival, DGTL, Awakenings and even more big events. She can not be missed on the line-ups anymore, with her always good mood, grooves and big smile Joëlla Jackson is here to stay. God made her Funky!

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