Born out of a deep passion for electronic music culture, Joyhauser is one of the most exciting, incendiary acts in the world of contemporary techno. Their music has a unique flavour, combining influences from techno, trance, Belgium’s own distinct rave lineage and a myriad of other styles. Poised to release their debut album, In Memero, the duo are entering a new phase of their evolution; driven by their core values, with an expansive vision of their destiny...

The duo named themselves after two influential psychologists; Joy Paul Guilford and Marc Hauser. Guilford’s explorations of intelligence and Hauser’s work around primate behaviour form two key pillars of Joyhauser’s inspiration. This interest in psychology provides the conceptual backbone to their debut album, In Memero.

Running across 12 tracks, In Memero demonstrates Stijn and Joris’ diverse tastes, from the sonic power of rave and techno, to lower BPMs and broken beats. In Memero will be the backbone to Joyhauser’s forthcoming live show, a further extension of their Intelligence-meets-Behaviour ethos.

As they take another step forward in their evolution, Joyhauser maintain their core ideals; imbuing their music with a truly human touch, guided by feeling, emotion and universal intelligence...

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