Julien Chaptal

French producer Julien Chaptal is one of the upcoming artists of the new Amsterdam electronic underground. Together with Noah Pepper and Aron Friedman hes member of Le Clic, which recently released its first 12-inch on the Wolfskuil-label, Jack is whack, while playing live almost every weekend and winning over new crowds in every city. More Le Clic-records are expected in the next months, as well as a first 12-inch for Dylan Hermelijns new Remote Area-label, which Julien will release under his own name. Le Clic is one of the residents of the 2-monthly Welcome to the future-parties in Studio 80. (myspace.com/wttf). With Gert van Veen Julien also hosts the weekly Welcome to the future internetradioshow on studio-80.nl

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