Kangding Ray

From his early releases on the legendary German imprint RasterNoton, to his more recent, club-geared output, David Letellier aka Kangding Ray traces a singular trajectory while navigating the unexplored territories between experimental music and dance music.

As a former architect, Kangding Ray’s multidisciplinary approach allows him to apply his craft in diverse fields such as visual arts, film scores, audiovisual installations and dance performances.

In both his DJing and live performances, Kangding Ray preserves a genuine artistic approach, while carefully crafting a unique universe, equally focused on evoking an emotional response and a visceral impact on the listener.

He has a number of critically-acclaimed releases, all of which test boundaries while engaging both the body and the mind with his exploration of rhythm and texture. Kangding Ray's collaborative project “Neon Chambers”, with Sigha, gained global attention since the premiere of their mind-bending live show at the legendary Atonal Festival in Berlin.

With only one EP released on the Dekmantel label, they have already played a number of high-profile festivals including Sonar Barcelona, Dekmantel Amsterdam, Brave Factory Kiev, Nowa Muzika and Forte,
paving the way for what is set to become an era-defining record. Since 2019, Kangding Ray has curated his own imprint called “ara” (About Recording Artists): a platform for artists with unique sonic identities that seeks to induce deep emotion through sound.”

After embarking on 3 years of sonic research into finding new directions to develop his music, moving "beyond techno," 2022 brought the return of Kangding Ray with a landmark album on his own ara imprint. ULTRACHROMA shows the esteemed producer at the height of his craft. Through pushing his unique signature of angular beats and hyper-detailed textures, he reaches new frontiers.

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