Kay D. Smith

When he is 9 years old Kay D. Smith (1978, Germany) writes in a classmates' album of verse: "When I grow up, I want to make music!." While for most kids it stays with dreaming, Kay D is determined to keep his promise and in 1994 he positions himself behind a mixer. By then he's 16 and destined to become a big player in the dance-industry. His life accelerates when he starts DJing. Ten years after his first spin he is well respected, a huge added value for dozens of parties-and his progressive Techno attracts many people. In his DJ-sets he keeps the crowd surprised with his choice of records. Just DJing wasn't enough for Kay D and when he´d discovered his talent as a producer he's eager to start a new course in his career. He develops a typical, powerful Techno style with airy strings and percussion as a counterbalance. He also produces other styles of Techno and all his tracks are characterized by a unique "Kay D. Smith-sound". The amount of records which are produced by this young man is astonishing. Over sixty truly successful releases originated from his mind and skilled hands! Not just as Kay D. Smith, but also together with Alex K. Katz as Westwood Bros., Chronic Twins and Schall & Rauch. You can find his work on labels like Construct Rhythm, Form Recordings, Reload, Jerk Records, Headroom Music, Men in Motion, Holzplatten, IST, Temper, Cluster... In the end of 2005 his own Label "Central Sound" is preparing to shoot the first bullets.

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