Kevin de Vries

Since his first release in 2015, Kevin De Vries has been on an astronomical ascent, carving out
a niche for show-stopping, hybrid techno.

When a Kevin De Vries track shakes the room, time seems to pause, hang in the air and come
crashing back down with unmistakable drama. His music pushes soundsystems to their limit, at
once drawing on the power of techno and the euphoria of trance in a way unique to De Vries.
His releases and remixes have found homes on some of the most revered labels around: Sven
Väth’s Cocoon, Adam Beyer’s Drumcode and most recently Tale Of Us’ label Afterlife. De Vries
has become a firm favourite of the Afterlife faithful and a vital recording artist, with many event
appearances and contributions to the label.

Kevin’s DJ sets translate the singular energy of his own music into extended journeys from
cutting-edge sounds to 90s classics and back again. He has quickly become an in-demand DJ
worldwide, consistently delivering stand-out performances for huge festivals and intimate clubs
alike, as well as pushing his boundaries with back-to-back sets.
As this young artist continues to develop, collaborate and innovate, no creative stones will be
left unturned.

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