Kyle Hall

Hall’s first break as a producer came at age 16, when he was approached by deep house luminary Omar-S, whose FXHE label released his debut record and introduced his music to a wider audience for the first time. Since then, Hall has enjoyed continued support from Omar-S, whose recent Fabric radio mix consisted solely of Kyle Hall productions. Thus, having enlisted the support of the Motor City’s house elite, the stage was set for Hall to gain recognition as a respected artist in his own right.

Despite being rooted in the lineage of Detroit deep house, Hall’s productions look resolutely forward and refuse to be constrained by the established formulas of the genre. This versatility has been showcased on Hall’s own Wild Oats imprint, launched in 2008. His first release on the label, The Worx of Art EP 1, not only demonstrated his mastery of deep house song forms, but also proved his ability to move seamlessly into other genres, such as the soulful hip-hop of “I
Hall’s releases on Wild Oats have met with wide critical acclaim and placed him squarely on the radar of those interested in the future of electronic music. Indeed, Hall caught the attention of vanguard UK dubstep label Hyperdub, which commissioned him for a remix of Darkstar’s juggernaut anthem “Aidy’s Girl is a Computer,” one of 2009’s best-reviewed releases. His first release on Hyperdub “Kaychunk/You Know What I Feel EP” was received by the dubstep community and beyond with awe. His most recent reworking of Dennis Ferrer’s “The Red Room” single for Objektivity shows Hall’s versatility as a producer reaching all corners of the electronic music market.

With releases on labels as diverse as Warp, Clone Records, Hypercolour and Objektivity it is clear that Hall is not simply a Detroit hometown hero, but an internationally renowned producer with a bright future ahead of him. Moreover, Hall is also in demand for his prowess behind the decks, and has graced the decks of at world-class clubs and events including Fabric (London), Panorama Bar (Berlin), Circo Loco @ DC 10 (Ibiza), Warehouse Project (Manchester), Tenax (Florence) and Melkweg (Amsterdam).


Year / label / release

2010 – Rush Hour – After Fall
2010 – Third Ear Recordings – Must See EP
2010 – Hyperdub – Kaychunk / You Know What I Feel
2009 – Wild Oats – The Perfekt Sin
2009 – Wild Oats – The Dirty Thouz
2009 – Wild Oats – Hello Mix!
2008 – Wild Oats – Worx Of Art EP 1
2008 – Moods & Grooves – The Water Is Fine EP
2008 – Wild Oats – The Costume Mix CD
2007 – FXHE Records – EP 01


2010 – Objektivity – The Red Room (Kyle Hall Remix)
2010 – Warp Records – Dressed In Dresden (Kyle Hall Remix)
2010 – Clone Records – Journey To The Core (Kyle Hall Remix)
2010 – Glass Table – Hush (Kyle Hall Remix)
2009 – Hyperdub – Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer (Kyle Hall Remix)

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