Layton Giordani

One of the most exciting leaders of techno’s new school, Layton Giordani is blazing a path impossible to ignore. In the last two years, the NYC-born, Amsterdam based artist has achieved more than many do in a lifetime, yet at just 26 years of age, he’s barely skimmed the surface on the possibilities that lie ahead.

An album on Adam Beyer’s iconic Drumcode imprint in early 2017 was the first seismic indication of his capability, with the 12-track ‘Where It Begins’ received with critical acclaim. Not only had the young artist achieved a rare feat of releasing an LP on the storied label (only 10 albums have been released in Drumcode’s 22-year history), but he’d done it with just two releases previously on Beyer’s imprints; an EP titled ‘Unspoken’ on Truesoul followed shortly by ‘Rivington’, his contribution to Drumcode’s popular A-Sides series. For Beyer, well known for his perfectionist streak to place so much trust in a fledgling producer speaks volumes about Giordani’s talent and the quality of his music.

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