Lee van Dowski

Sure, the young fellow is not resting much lately. In 2006 Lee had numerous 12" releases on Num, Dumb Unit, BPitch, Defrag just to name a few. He also just released a critically acclaimed long player album, 'As Told On The Eve Of...' which came out on Soma Quality Recordings. Meanwhile, he recently started a newer and more experimental label with Agn├Ęs, 60Sec Records. After a great success with Num Records which Lee started back in 2005, a new baby as landed in the minimal landscape; Num Ltd. As well, grounded by Lee Van Dowski, Num Ltd hosts many projects and is a expressive platform for many exciting contemporary artists. Though, it is not yet enough for Lee. Traveling every week end for clubbers excitements, touring all along, he's just and sincerely passionate by what he's doing. Who can ask for more? While busy either producing or showing up in every fancy clubs around the world, LVD is a man of ever actions; "I kind of push things and make them happened..." So let's place actions first, it's speaks louder then words. Be sure to check him out soon around your city.

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