In 2000, Lucca was chosen for the Red Bull Music Academy in Dublin, where she took part in specialised courses by people such as David Holmes and DJ Food. In the same year she played for the first time at Hradhouse, a large festival in the Czech Republic, and became a resident DJ at Club Barumba in Olomouc. 2001 saw her win an award as the "Newcomer Of The Year"; then in 2001-2002 she appeared at tens of parties in both the Czech Republic and abroad. In 2002 signed a contract with the Spanish booking agency Hybernia and started to perform regularly in Spain, as well as touring Colombia. 2003 gave her the chance to become a member of the prestigeous Roxy Booking for Bohemia. Recently, Lucca was a guest at the largest Austrian party, Gazometer in Vienna, as well as the Danube Rave in Linz. In the spite of the fact that she spends most of her time in abroad, in 2003 she came 7th rank in the Czech Dance Music Awards, which confirmed her rising popularity on the Czech scene. In the same year, she released two tracks on Aquatrax and one track on Exwired CZ. Lucca plays frequently in Spain, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Luxembourg, Germany and Austria. In 2003, Chris Liebing decided to represent Lucca in Germany, at the same time his and Ch. Fischer's recommendations has allowed Lucca a second South American tour, planned for March 2004. Lucca tends to play a more funky sound of techno, influenced by the "Naples Sound", but also knows when to adapt to suit a crowd. She knows when it is necessary to play hard, she knows when to mellow it down to the roots of techno, to Detroit. Her style ranges from techfunk right through Detroit to solid thumping European techno. As you can see, Lucca is going from strength to strength, but what is most liked by everyone, is that she is learning what it is to be part of techno. There are only a few producers and DJs actually shaping the Czech dance scene at the moment, and Lucca is at the forefront. It is only a matter of time until she is known as the number one Czech DJ. She has recently begun work with the legendary producer, Chris Cowie of the Aquatrax, Hook, and Bellboy fame, to produce a series of tracks in Lucca's own style. You can already find Lucca's tracks out there, look out for more set to burn up the dance floors! Her favourite producers and DJs are Marco Carola, Mark Broom, Chris Liebing, Danilo Vigorito, Gaetano Parisio, Dave Clarke, Bryan Zentz, Sebastien Leger, Chris Cowie. Chech DJ of the year 2003 1. Lucca 2. Orbith 3. Michael Burian 4. Ladida 5. Trava 6. Loutka 7. Hyde 8. Jerry 9. Toky 10.-11. Katcha 10.-11. Koogi

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