Luke Slater

A key player on the UK (and now global) techno scene, Luke Slater has been a firm fixture
on all the right electronic line-ups since the early nineties, and like fellow electronic
visionaries and sonic sorcerers like Sven Väth and Richie Hawtin, he’s never stopped to
smell the proverbial roses. Born in Berkshire, he’s a major player with a sound and (punk)
attitude that’s impossible to miss and yet despite all of that success, he’s always kept his
artistic feet on the ground. That’s extremely evident as we chat over Zoom for this new
interview as 2022 comes into view. “I think I've got more fire now than it had in the
beginning. And I like that. I remember talking to Derrick May back in the 90s at a café in
Belgium and all we talked about was the hunger. And the hunger was born out of the life
you've lived, how you grew up and what you went through. And the situation for me growing up, although I didn't have a bad upbringing, it was flippin’ hard, man. The world
was not how I wanted it to be and I didn't fit in. People romanticize the 90s but the path
was not easy. I don't want to be bogged down by the rules. Society. And unfortunately,
that's something that's even stronger in me now.”

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