When witnessing one of MALUGI’s DJ sets, one can tell that he knows how to drive dancefloors into a frenzy. Whether on his own or with his frequent b2b partner Marlon Hoffstadt, MALUGI brings the word “rave“ back to its original meaning through an unapologetic, if not irresponsible use of the most outrageous bangers and belters around.

Through various highly acclaimed releases, he has become synonymous with turbocharged beats that will restore your batteries in a flash. His multidimensional approach to club music and his entanglement with various styles and flavours speak of an open-mindedness rarely found in an industry often restricted by narrow perspectives on good taste.

MALUGI has mastered the art of serious fun – while he takes his work as a DJ and producer very seriously, he always leaves room for play. It is this particular intersection that allows for a holistic and ultimately worthwhile outlook on what the club ought to be: a space for coming together, letting go and most importantly, enjoying yourself.

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