Man with no Shadow

Known as a DJ first, he’s made some big steps as a producer recently, finetuning his ‘positive take on techno’ with releases on labels like OFF Recordings, Drumcode and 100% Pure.

Eventually, it was his his ‘Drumfeld EP’ on 100% Pure that became his breakthrough as a producer and a career-defining EP. The release got massive international feedback and scored for weeks in Beatport’s techno charts. Musically, it stood out by combining the power of techno and a rave-inspired touch. Altogether, feeling like a soundtrack for the warehouse years with GZG – the organization he entered the scene with in the 00’s, throwing notorious raves.

As co-founder and resident DJ of these infamous GZG parties, Man With No Shadow made an impact on the Dutch scene. An entire generation of underground clubbers was inspired by their raves in old warehouses and deserted factories. To this day, the parties are talked about and it was here that his so called ‘formative years’ as a DJ took place. Evolving into a blend of silk-mixed house and techno which he played at every relevant club and festival in The Netherlands.

The last years marked a new chapter of Man With No Shadow’s career as he invigorated his focus on music production. After the ‘Drumfeld’ highlight he answered with a release on OFF Recordings, continuing the techno approach with a freaky twist. The year 2018 saw another EP on Misfit Music and an addition to Drumcode’s A Sides compilation with ‘Manila’.. an out-of-the-box track that makes you wonder what’s next.. Stay tuned.

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Man With No Shadow - Hyte ADE (2017)