Marco Rane

He started in 1995 on 2 lowbuget turntables and some hardcore records. In 1998 he bought his first Technics to develope his style and skills. In that time all he was listening to was hiphop, drum 'n bass and ambient to get inspiration and understanding for making his own music.
Several years later Marco Rane noticed another kind of music, Techno.

He get's his inspiration from Dj/Producers such as Takaaki Itoh, Regis, Glenn Wilson and Christian
W√ľnsch. In the year 2003 Marco Rane started with Julian Sync and Dj Ked a dj-team called ' Maju-Tech '. They had big success with their collab sessions on 4 decks.

So in 2006 Paul Boex meets Marco Rane and they started a project to emerge and combine their forces and skills to create a mixed up sound with a lot of uplifting percussion, pounding basslines and deep synths. Under the name Dynamo they form a collaboration to perform live! They developed their own sound loaded with power and energetic sources which explains the name Dynamo.

These guys are developing them self on and on, with productions on well respected labels as Arms, Aftertaste Recordings and Submission they are breaking it down!

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