Mark August

Mark August's style fits somewhere in between detroit, house, techno, deephouse, minimal and sometimes a slight touch of underworldesque progressive. Mainly somewhere in between. Eight years ago he discovered quality dance music through some friends of his. It was carlcraig's "69-Desire" on one late morning, after one of his first all-night-long-dance experiences that triggered the whole journey. It blew him away, and still does. This also was the time he had some spare money, and a friend suggested to buy an atari and a sampler; which, if he didn't like it to much, could easily sell again without losing to much money. The beginning of a never ending story. Now music; and electronic music in particular, reigns his life. He has released/remixed/will release on labels like Connaisseur, Mule-Electronic, Curle, Perspectiv, Innervisions, PokerFlat, Mezzotinto and Cocoon.

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