Mark Broom

It all started in the summer of 89... Mark went on holiday to tenerife and in the clubs they were spinning the now legendary acid house music. On his return to england broom went on a search for this music .. found it .. Bought some turntables and the birth of his musical career was born. After a few years of playing at peoples parties mark decided to try his hand at making music.

Through a friend he was introduced to ed and andy from black dog productions and together they created brooms first musical ideas. These ideas went on to be released on general production records. The studio used for these first recordings was called uxb studios and was run by dave hill. After many visits to uxb dave asked mark if he would be into making some tracks together and from that day their musical and later business partnership was born.

In 1994 they started pure plastic recordings which has played host to many of marks musical productions ranging from the landmark "angie is a shoplifter" lp through to the recent "rave days" ep. Mark has also recorded on many of the worlds best labels including a13,ferox,ifach, speaker attack,mosiac,dark house music,new electronica. As a dj mark has spun at some of the worlds best clubs ranging from belgiums fuse club to spains la real. As a remixer mark has had the pleasure to mix artists like Eddie Fowlkes, ken ishi, Ben Sims, samuel sessions, The Advent to name but a few.

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