Marko Nastic

In the historic club Industria he quickly arrived to the position of the program art director, and he fortified his collaboration with Gordan Paunovic and other most important Belgrade's electronic music DJ's and promoters. His international carrier started quickly after he met with Umek and Valentino Kanzyani, who both played a key role in his beginnings as a producer and in his promotion on the international scene. From the moment he became a part of the Berlin's agency KNE'DEEP roster his carrier continued to advance. Apart from Umek and Valentino Kanzyani, Marko Nastic always underlines an extraordinary support from DJ Rush. He performed with all big names of the techno scene, and in almost all European cities. His first non-European tour was in 2002 in Brazil. His favourite rhythm machine is Roland 909, and synthesiser Juno 106. Marko publishes his music exclusively for the Recycled Loops record company, for which he already issued two EP's-"Devil in My Pants" and "Let's Get High", with which he achieved his first international success as a producer. New mixed CD for Recycled Loops is already out in Slovenia, and on June 16 it will have its World premier. He also did a remix for Martin Hare and the label Dark House Music. In the mean time he started his own record label RECON WARRIORS; this label will include names such as Dejan Milicevic, Leon, Kobaja, but also Umek, Valentino Kanzyani and, of course, Marko himself. His favourite clubs are M47 in Hungary, U60 in Frankfurt, Sala del Sel in Gerona and Techno Flash in Valadolid.

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