Marlon Hoffstadt

Who shakes baby bottles by day and booties by night? Hey fellow kids, it’s MarlonHoffstadt aka DJ Daddy Trance, Berlin’s first Dad with a buggy full of bangers.

The 29-year-old DJ, producer and family man can already look back on an eventful career. From half-baked beginnings, trips to the liquor store and Shazam records in Ibiza, to starting again from scratch, taking things into his own hands and finally seeing kids everywhere jumping and shouting to his tracks, like the little rascals that they are.

Some say it’s trance, some say it’s hard house. And again others say it’s just dad noises.Whatever you call it, you heard Daddy Trance bombs in every other DJ set in 2023, whilst instant anthems such as 'Call Me' and 'It's That Time' have racked up tens of millions of streams online.It’s not easy raising both kids and BPMs at the same time, but DJ Daddy Trance manages to do it.

Is it good parenting that makes Boiler Room crowds sing along like kindergarten choir? Is it his trademark whistle that reminds us to get on the floor? Or perhaps there’s a magic formula in his lunchbox? All we know is that Marlon Hoffstadt is on a mission to bringDaddy’s Delights to dance floors around the globe with DJ sets that make you smile like fatherly pats on the back.

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