In the early nineties Metroline gradually got hooked on techno music as a result of many, many visits to underground techno parties in Holland and Germany. His growing interest for dance music forced him to start buying the precious vinyl! Soon he started experimenting with two decks and a mixer and gradually developed his very own style. After moving to techno-city Rotterdam with the idea of expanding his boundaries he soon got a job at one of the biggest underground distributors of dance; Triple Vision. Nowadays he is a regular guest at the hottest techno- and electro parties. Playing alongside some of the worlds biggest starts like Jeff Mills, Josh Wink, Glenn Wilson, Rino Cerrone, Luke Slater, Patrik Skoog and Surgeon the Dutch DJ/Producer featured at many well-known Dutch clubs/venues like Lowlands, Nighttown, Tivoli, Ekko and Waterfront. Due to his collaborations with studio-mastermind David Moher in 1999 he and started producing what he loves most; driving techno tunes with warm and funky stabs. Soon after his very first production on the Rotterdam based techno label Patterns, more labels were interested in Metroline material, resulting in a couple of productions and remixes for labels like Hertz s Sway and Pedro Delgardo s Yin Yang. His future plan involves kick-starting his very own label early 2006 called Stainless Audio Works (first release expected January 2006) Next to his firm techno productions he s now working on exploring the minimal side of techno. Discography: Patterns 008 Metroline - Urban Dynamics Patterns 012 Metroline - Opium of the Masses P 014 Metroline - Acetate Patterns 014 Metroline - Acetate (Kvitta Mix) Patterns Special 002.5 Metroline - 9 Minutes Patterns Special 006.5 Metroline - The Accoustics of FOG Highland Beats 027 Metroline - Speaker Tweaker Sway 011 Hertz - Kick (Metroline / Misjah rmx) Yin Yang 008 Pedro Delgardo - 818 Electro (Metroline Mix)

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